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Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy (Belarus)

Hello. I've been corresponding with a man named Aaron Ginsburg, who you can find information about here:

I shall post the first paragraph of his website here, which is the main reason I am posting:

"Much of my time is spend to preserve the memory of the Jewish community Dokshitsy, now in Belarus, where my father Maurice was born. In May, 2008 I went to Dokshitsy to attend the re-dedication of the Jewish cemetery. I feel that my entire life was a preparation for this project which you can read about at In fact I am president of The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, Inc. Also learn about the Cirlin-Ginzburg, and Kusinitz, and Pokross families. I am also related to the Karnovsky family. I grew up Newport RI. At the time I think I was almost related to most of Jewish Newport. As part of my family research, I am acting as a clearing house for people whose last name, or whose ancestor's last name was Pokross ( Pokrassa). For more information. visit yousaypokrassa. where you can learn how a family was reunited after 70 years."

He has encouraged me to spread the word about his organization, Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy. Check out the website here: The work his organization is doing is really inspiring. Mr. Ginsburg has told me that he might be planning another trip to Belarus in 2011. Very exciting!

I found out my own relation to people in that particular shtetl through

Here's his info:

Aaron Ginsburg
Tel: (508)682-3115
skype aaron.ginsburg

Have a great day :)
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