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New Genealogy Resource Discovery!

I'd been getting frustred with lately, despite my subscription, because of the limited information it provides. I'm only third generation American, so ancestry can only go as far back as immigration records. Thus, I have no records earlier than mid-nineteenth century. Knowing what boat my great grandparents took to get to the US is great and everything, but its not enough. Plus, some of them emigrated to Canada, which would require me to get a subscription in order to have access to more records. And some went to Israel, which isnt even an option on ancestry. Its totally Western-Europe biased.

Every once in a while, when I google a living relative's name, I find something new. Today I found a great website that unlocked information about the Russian/Latvian side of my family! And it was written by them. Recently. Since many of them are immigrants themselves (they all still have the Russian  Jewish culture and language), they have made an effort to maintain their own records, because of the part of the family that was murdered in the Russian army and in the Shoah. They take 'never forget' very seriously. And I love it. it makes my job easier and more fulfilling.

I was also lucky enough to find some of my mother's relatives on there as well. That was a nice surprise.

Here is the site:

Good luck!

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