Saralah (fallingstar12) wrote in jewishxroots,

Israeli Genealogy Resources

Hello. I'm going to be moving to Jerusalem for six months and I was wondering if anyone knows of any Jewish genealogy places or resources in Israel that I wouldn't otherwise be able to find here in the US that could help me with my research. My ancestry is Ashkenazi.

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My ancestry's Ashkenazi as well; from what I understand, so many records were destroyed by the Nazis that it can be very hard to track anything down about your relatives before the Nazis came to power (unless you have roots in Poland - the Polish Jews seem to have a lot more information than anyone else). As for specific resources in Israel, I have no idea, but honestly you could probably just start at any library. If they don't have the sort of records you need, they should be able to tell you where to find them.
Archive of History of Jewish People in Hebrew University, Jerusalem