lhendri479 (lhendri479) wrote in jewishxroots,

Ran into a snag - Maybe someone knows this city?

I received the death certificate for Joseph ANDERT (born 3/17/1888 in Rarshoff, Russia) (Died September 13, 1924 in Eastford, CT)

One major problem - Cannot find the town of Rarshoff, Russia anywhere in the world.

Someone suggested that I look in Hungary because there are a lot of Andert's there and in Austria which I will do.

Was Hungary part of Russia in 1888?

Can anyone find the town of Rarshoff, Russia?

If anyone knows the names or has relatives by the name of ANDERT, HILDEBRANTS, or ALTSCHULER - Please contact me and I can send further information.

Thank you fellow genners.
Linda In NC

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